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This ChiropracTIC office is quite different from any other Chiropractic office in the world.

What this office enable to do for you is so simple.


1. Check your SPINE(vertebrae) which would be interfered with your nervous coordination.

2. Give you a thrust into the vertebra for restoring nervous integration or coordination.


Nothing more, nothing less. 


Nervous system is running the rest of your body and controlling it all day long, and all information is gathered into the brain then processed.

Once information was processed, the brain will make nerve impulse what is to move each part of your body so that adapt each environment.

Therefore, you can respond to environment such as shinny sun light, dark night, sun burn, cold or hot weather and so on and so forth.


If you want to adapt "STRAIGHTLY", I can help you.



<Fee system(tax included)>


0(y.o.) - student: 3,300 yen

Adult: 6,600 yen


0(y.o.) - student: 4,400 yen

Adult: 8,800 yen


If you have a problem in your spine(vertebral subluxation), you can choose two situations.

1. Let it alone. or 2. Given a thrust.


The choice is up to you.


Address: Pacific NOGIZAKA 407, Akasaka9-6-29, Minato, 107-0052,Tokyo, Japan

1 min. from Nogizaka station by walk (Tokyo metro CHIYODA line)

4 mins. from Roppongi station by walk (Toei OEDO line) 

Email: info@tic-straight.com

Phone: 080-6757-3213

Day & Hour: Tue. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. (8am - 7pm)


Feel free to contact.

I am looking forward to seeing you.


Takafumi Shiga B.Sc.(Chiro), B.Chiro.

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